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If your residential or commercial roofing material is in need of repair and you need a roofer in Frisco, TX, call 682-478-2380 to connect with the staff at . Our goal as a company is to provide you, our clients, with the best roofing experience. We do this in two different ways. The first way is by offering top of the line, best quality roofing materials. We partner with the leading roofing manufacturers in the country, such as CertainTeed, to ensure the roofs we install are worth their weight in gold. The second way we do this is by working with experienced roofers.When we hire a roofer, we make sure they are certified, licensed and insured and they have years of roofing experience in all types of roofing materials and surfaces. We also strive to provide the best client care anywhere. As a company, we are committed to quality, competent roofing with excellent service and you can rest assured that we deliver every single time we climb on a roof for repairs.

Do You Need a Roofer?

McRoof offers a wide range of roofing services. We work on both commercial and residential roofing. Every roofer in the company is highly skilled in repairs and replacement for a variety of roofing materials and styles. If your roof has recently been damaged by a storm, our roofers are certified as CertainTeed Storm Restoration Specialists and we can help you file an insurance claim so you can start getting your home put back together. See the list below for full details on our services, and be sure to call 682-478-2380 when you need a roofer in Frisco, TX.

Residential Roofing

When you need to hire a roofer for your home, you want to make sure that you have someone you can trust to take care of it properly. If you’re looking for a residential roofer in Frisco, TX give us a call at 682-478-2380.  Every roofer on our staff is fully licensed and certified and we work with the leading manufacturers to provide excellent roofing materials for our clients.  Our premium shingle installations give your home a sharp looking roof that offers excellent protection for your home.  If you’re interested in wood or slate roofing, but can’t afford the installation, ask up about our synthetic shingle roof options. Whatever you need for your home or roof, McRoof is here to help.

  • Roof Repair If you need minor repairs on your roof, we’ve got you covered.
  • Roof Inspections If you want to know the condition of your roof, let us do an inspection.
  • Roof Flashing Repair We can repair the flashing around your chimneys and skylights.
  • Radiant Barrier Roofing If you want to improve your energy efficiency, a radiant barrier cools your attic by 30 degrees.
  • Chimney Repair If your chimney is showing signs of needing repair, call us as soon as possible.
  • Skylight Replacment We are your expert skylight replacement team.

Commercial Roofing

Whether you have a flat or low sloped roof, McRoof is the roofing company you want to handle all your commercial roofing repairs. If you’re looking for a commercial roofer in Frisco, TX, give us a call at 682-478-2380 If your commercial roof isn’t quite ready for a complete replacement, but is still showing signs of damage, we offer roof restoration services to get your roof back in the best possible condition for a fraction of the cost.  We also provide a variety of single ply roof membranes to repair or replace your flat commercial roof.  Whatever  your commercial roofing needs.  We have all the knowledge and skills to keep your roof in tip top condition.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is considerably more durable than traditional shingle roofing. Metal roofs are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. If you need a roofer to install a metal roof, contact McRoof at 682-478-2380 Our professional roofers are always happy to help you choose the metal roof that is right for your home or business.  Metals such as corrugated metal and aluminum are not becoming popular for residential use.  Let us help you install a strong durable roof on your building.

Storm Damage Repair

Mother nature can wreak havoc on your roof. If you need a roofer for repairs, McRoof offers top quality storm damage repair services.  Our staff is licensed by CertainTeed as storm damage repair specialists and we are prepared to help you put your home back together after even the worst storms.  When you need a roofer to negotiate with the insurance company to get the most money for your roofing damages, contact our office at 682-478-2380 Once the claim has been approved, we will gladly complete the repairs and leave you with a roof you can trust when the next storm rolls around.


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Here are McRoof our goal is to offer our clients the best care they have ever had while performing excellent roofing repairs. If you're looking for an honest, professional roofer in Frisco, TX, call us at 682-478-2380. Our staff of experienced roofers installs only the best quality roofing materials. Each roofer on our staff has years of experience and is fully licensed. Our guarantee is that you will be completely happy with the work we do.