Are Gutters Necessary On a House?

heavy rain pouring down from passing storm

Protect Your Property From Water Damages

The next time you’re wondering just what is so important about your gutters, go outside your homes my friends with an umbrella and take a look at the rain on your roof. Observe the water as it flows down your roofs in torrential torrents and considers instead the question on why wouldn’t you have gutters?  Water would pour from your roof like a waterfall onto your unsuspecting head as is sometimes the case when you’re walking down the street where there are only awnings. As far as damages to your home, without gutters, your foundation and aiding would be hit with water from the perimeter of the building without the guide of a gutter system. Believe it or not, but enough wet soil can cause your foundation to shift which causes pressures to your plumbing lines which can cause corrosion or loosen lines. Gutters have been an addition installed onto the eaves of roofs to get rid of problems with interior leaks, damages and flooded landscapes for centuries. Therefore, the idea of preventing water damages to our homes is not a new thought and has been an issue even our ancestors have picked up on. A residential roofer will be happy to tell you about more benefits, but before that consider a few points here!

How much does it cost to install new gutters?

Gutter installation cost can change based on the material that you’re using and the extent or distances you’ll need to cover for your home. As a reference point the average cost of aluminum or galvanized steel gutters ranges from $4-$9 per linear foot.

Do gutters add value to home?

Although a good working gutter doesn’t add value to a home an old or faulty one can detract value to a home. Think in terms of tires for a car, gutters are essentially expected to be in good operating condition and if they aren’t then some may negotiate going down on the price. For your gutters, if you are considering a resale these could be a breaking point for some so make sure that they are installed properly, in good working condition and are level.

Do I really need rain gutters?

Gutter installation is an integral part of any home system. Water damages can wreak havoc on a home’s roof, foundation, interior, and overall compromise structural integrity.

Why do we have gutters and downpipes on our homes?

Gutters and downpipes allow for a streamlined avenue of water runoff away from your walls and foundation and directly into your drainage system.

The Benefits of Gutters

  • The soil is stabilized around the property
  • Flooding in basements, yards or under homes are prevented
  • Siding is protected
  • Water stains on brick or stone masonry are prevented
  • Landscape and turf are protected from erosion
  • Doors and garages are protected
  • Cracks on foundation, sidewalk, driveways, and patios are prevented
House with New Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters.

What kind of gutters are best?

There are many types of gutters available in the market today with materials such as aluminum, galvanized steel, vinyl,  steel, and zinc. Perhaps the most used option known for its strength and lower price is aluminum. Not only is it more lightweight than other options it’s also resistant to corrosion and can come in different colors. Another popular gutter material type is galvanized steel which is coated with a layer of zinc for added protection. Adding a coat of another metal is a popular and clever way of adding in the benefits of the other metals into the main material. Steel gutters, for example, can be coated with zinc as well as aluminum which alleviates the problem of them not being able to fight against rust without these coatings. As far as the best type of gutters it can vary depending on your home, yet one expert asserts that you should consider seamless aluminum gutters with .025 inch with solid toppers as they can have a reverse curve or liquid adhesion properties. Overall, however, it may be best to take a look at the various shapes and profiles that gutters offer as they can influence how it catches water, water flow and efficient run off without overflowing. Before it was a popular choice to have half-round gutter options until over the years people found out that it easily clogs and overflows. That’s why k-style or those that have an angular dip or curve are more used today due to their efficiency.

Who does gutter installation?

Gutter installations are typically done by roofing contractors or those who solely do work on the exterior of homes such as with gutters, exterior painting, siding, and fencing. The how to gutter installation techniques are best done by professionals who can work with you on sizing, shape, profile and other specifications for your particular roofing system.

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