Green Roof Installation

Green Roof

If You’re Interested in an Eco Friendly Roof, Consider Installing a Green Roof.

Call McRoof at 682-478-2380 when you want an energy efficent, enviromentally friend roof and we wil install green roofing in Frisco, TX. Green roofs allow you to grow plants on your roofing system. These roofs are installed in several different layers. A green roof provides protection from water leaks and controlls the run off from heavy rains. Call us today if you have questions about the benefits of green roofing.

Benefits of a Green Roof

While it might seem unconventional, green roofing is a great roofing decision because it has a variety of benefits for both your building and the environment around your building.

Garden On Top of Commercial Green Roof

Commercial Green Roofs Allow You to Create Unique Outdoor Spaces.

Improves Air Quality: Plants act as a filter for the air we breathe. By increasing the number of plants in a given location, green roofing works to improve the quality of air around your building.

Cooling Effect: The concrete and metal that make up the structures and roads of the city absorb heat during the day and then radiate that heat at night, causing cities to have higher temperatures than smaller towns. Green roofing acts as a cooling agent for cities because it doesn’t absorb as much heat and increases the breezes blowing through the town.

Better Energy Efficiency: The different layers of a green roofing system provide excellent insulation for your building, this means that your cooling and heating systems won’t have to work has hard to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. This could have a huge impact on your energy bills.

Roof Protection: Green roofing systems still have some traditional roofing materials, such as roof membranes. The plants and other layers on top of these roofing membranes actually protect them from hail and wind damage and can increase the longevity of your roofing system.

Schedule a Green Roof Installation

If you’re interested in talking to someone about installing green roofing in Frisco, TX, call McRoof at _682-478-2380. We are your local roofing experts for a variety of unique roofing systems, including green roofing and cool roofing systems.