Cut Your Summer A/C Bill With These Roofing Tips

The Summer weather is quickly approaching, and with it, wonderful thoughts of water play, lounging in the sun, and oh yeah, through the roof energy bills. While many roof materials are now energy efficient, there are ways you can maximize your current roof’s efficiency easily and affordably. Keep your A/C costs down this Summer with these simple Summer roof maintenance and inspection tips to effectively reflect UV rays and keep your home cooler.

We Can Provide the Maintenance and Repair You Need for Minimal Energy Use.

Summer Roof Care is Vital for Optimal Energy Savings.


Perfect Material Condition

Your roofing material is the first line of defense against every type of hazard, including UV rays that cause extreme heat. Inspect your roofing to ensure that your material is laying as it should be, with no holes or missing pieces. Check to ensure that your material is in top condition, with no signs of thinning, cracking, or breaking that can cause multiple damages including higher energy costs.

Get an Attic’s Perspective

Once you have inspected your roof’s outer materials, it’s time to check the underlayment. This sheeting is found in your attic, underneath your roof’s material. It’s important that there are no tears or damages to your underlayment in order for it to properly deflect UV rays and heat that can cause extra work for your A/C. If there are damages to your underlayment, a professional roofer can make necessary repairs quickly and conveniently in most cases.

Reinforced Protection

To get the most from your roofing system, consider the application of a roof coating. These coatings provide cool roof energy efficiency, and can offer protection for your roofing system from weather, water, and even impact. Roof coatings can be applied to just about every type of roofing system and effectively reflect UV rays for up to 10 years.

Minimize your energy bills this Summer with the help of the McRoof roofing team. We can provide comprehensive Summer roof maintenance and inspection of your entire roofing system to ensure that it’s always performing at its best. Our experts can also offer convenient and affordable roof coating application for optimal protection for a full decade. Call us today at 682-478-2380 to discuss your SUmmer roofing options.