Decorating Your Roof For Christmas Safely And Efficiently

It’s December in Texas, and the holiday season is in full swing. Many houses decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but others prefer to wait until the weather drops a bit. If you’re among the latter, then this coming weekend is your time to shine. Today we will discuss a few helpful tips to keep in mind while hanging up your lights that will protect you and your roof! 

Protect Yourself

Hanging Christmas Lights

Enjoy Decorating Your Home Safely And Efficiently This Year!

Safety for yourself is your number one priority. Use a tall and sturdy ladder that extends past the eaves of your roof, and make sure you have stable ground to put the ladder on. Also make sure that conditions are dry, and not to windy, so that you are less likely to lose your balance. Consider using a bucket or basket to hold your supplies for you on top of the ladder.

Protect Your Roof

Every year we get called to repair fascia and gutters that have been damaged by holiday lights. Local hardware and home goods stores now carry roof-safe fasteners for lights that are non-damaging. We suggest using these, instead of nails or staples. You can get specialized sliding clips to attach lights directly to your eaves without causing damage, and you can also get stick-on hooks to hold lights the go on the fascia or other flat areas.

Protect Your Energy

If you have older Christmas lights, they may not be the gentlest on your energy bills. Newer mini-LED light strings are often brighter and more reliable, all while using less energy. Additionally, they tend to stay cool, whereas older lights would get hot over time, creating a bit of a fire hazard.

If while you are putting up your lights, you notice any signs of roof damage, be sure to give us a call at 682-478-2380! We can provide you with fast and affordable roof repairs!