Maximizing the Life of Your Commercial Flat Roof

Our Experts Can Help You Keep Your Flat Roofing System in Tip-Top Shape.

Flat Roof Maintenance Can Help Prevent the Need for Repair and Replacement.

As a commercial building owner, you know that a flat roof is an expensive purchase that nobody wants to replace unless they absolutely must. However, problems like normal wear and tear, leaks, and abrasions can cause damages that are costly and stressful. Thankfully, proper flat roof maintenance can help preserve the life and protection of your commercial flat roof system to prevent the high cost of replacement.

What Contributes to Flat Roof Degradation

Flat roofs are known for being resilient and long-lasting. However, there are hazards that can do serious damage to flat roof systems. Because of this, regular maintenance is crucial for your flat roof system. Leaky rooftop HVAC units can cause water damage to your roof system that leads to roof leaks, material weakness, and other problems, so it’s important to keep your HVAC units serviced, as well. Dirt and debris can also contribute to a worn roof by depositing natural acids and bacteria onto your system that promotes wear and degradation. These areas can often be seen as brown or tan areas left underneath piles of leaves or other debris. The most common reason for flat roof system damage, however, is water. Whether from rain or AC units, improper flat roof drainage can lead to big problems like weakness, leaks, and even mold and rot. Protective coatings can help prevent the effects of water and protect your roof from leaks and warping.

Local Flat Roof Maintenance and Care

The most effective way to prevent expensive damages to your flat roofing system is by performing regular roof maintenance to inspect your roof for water damage, possible leaks, and material wear that can lead to other problems. The McRoof experts can deliver comprehensive roof maintenance and flat roof repair throughout the Frisco, TX area so you can rest assured that you’re getting the longest life possible from your system. We provide a comprehensive inspection of your roof and discuss your roof maintenance and repair options to find the perfect solution for you. Call our experts today at 682-478-2380 to find out more about roof damage prevention or to schedule your roof maintenance.