Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

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Corrugated Metal Roofing Is Becoming Popular for Both Residential and Commercial Buildings.

Normally, when you think of corrugated metal roofs, agricultural buildings or warehouses built back in the 1800s come to mind. With recent advancements in technology, that’s no longer the case. Corrugated metal roof installation in Frisco, TX is a now something that you are able to consider for your house! While these roof systems have now been developed to serve residential structures, there are still varieties that are best suited for commercial properties. There are various sorts of corrugated metal roofs to pick from, but here we will explore two of the most common types, R panel roofing and U panel roofing. Don’t wait to call us as soon as possible at 682-478-2380 if you would like to learn more information.

U Panel Roofing

Conventional metal roofs have 29 gauge panels, while U panel roofing more often have 26. Because of its aesthetic value, the panels remain the top selection for residential properties. Additionally, they make for an easy installation seeing as though they can be applied right over the present roof. There are also a great deal of assorted colors to choose from providing you the opportunity to bring together the look of your property.

R Panel Roofing

Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

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R panels are primarily known for being reduced maintenance, and particularly durable. When a R panel is adequately installed, its life span is about 50 years and can also be installed directly atop your pre-existing shingles. As mentioned before, there are some types that are still designed for commercial properties, R panels being one of them because of its rugged characteristics.

Your Metal Roofing Professionals

With any metal roof you choose, you will receive all of the benefits including decreased maintenance costs, enhanced energy efficiency, and durability. But always keep in mind that metal is in its own category when it comes down to the aesthetic appeal. Thinking about upgrading your existing roofing system to metal? McRoof is always here for you! To request an estimate for your corrugated metal roof installation in Frisco, TX, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 682-478-2380!