Chimney Flashing Repair

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The number one cause of leaking chimneys on homes is dysfunctional flashing. Separated flashing on your home can lead to a multitude of problems that can be very costly to repair. If you think you have a chimney leak caused by flashing in your Frisco, TX home, don’t wait! Call our experts today at 682-478-2380 for chimney flashing repair that’s convenient and reliable.

The Dangers of Bad Chimney Flashing

Your chimney, while serving an important functional purpose can be the cause of very costly damages within your home. As your roofing system ages, your flashing, or the narrow strips along the seams of your roof, can become worn or damaged. They can peel from wind, rust from water, and even separate, causing a nice, open gap for water to escape into. Once water begins to seep through the flashing, you could be left with not just roof damage but also damages to you mortar, walls, attic, and even structural beams. Our professionals can provide exceptional chimney flashing repair to keep chimney leaks in check and ensure the overall safety of your home. Call us today at 682-478-2380 to learn more about the causes of a chimney leak and how we can help.

Signs You May Need Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney leaks typically go undetected until it’s too late for simple repair. However, there are signs to look out for that can keep your chimney in good condition and your fireplace intact.

  • Water stains on walls near your fireplace or in the attic are the main sign of a flashing leak and should be taken very seriously.
  • Water that drips down during the rain can be a sign of leaking flashing. Take note of how much water is dripping and whether it is simply rainfall itself.
  • Flaking or peeling roof material near your flashing is another common sign that you may need a repairman’s assistance.

If you find that you may have a chimney flashing leak, it’s best to call an experienced metal roofing professional to complete the repair project. Metal chimney flashing can be difficult to seal properly, and, if not done correctly, will soon begin to leak again. For chimney flashing repair that you can count on, call the McRoof experts at 682-478-2380. We can help you keep your home water free.