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If Your Roof Is Missing Shingles, Your Home is at A High Risk of Having a Roof Leak.

Your roof can be significantly damaged in a strong storm. This damage could cause your roof to start leaking. A leaky roof poses a threat to many parts of your home and can be the cause for mold and mildew growth. When you need roof leak repair in Frisco, TX, call the experts at McRoof at 682-478-2380. Our roofers are experts at repairing roof leaks quickly so they cannot damage further damage your home.

Signs You Need a Roof Leak Repair

One indicator that you need roof leak repair is water dripping from your ceiling. This shows that water has been allowed into your attic through the roofing system and is seeping down through the attic into other parts of your home. While dripping water is an obvious sign that you have a leak in your roof, there are a few other, less common symptoms that you should keep an eye out for.

Roof Leak Repair Being Completed on a Shingle Roof

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Water Spots: Water creates a discoloration of paint and drywall. If you notice large brown spots on your ceiling or around the top of your walls, you are probably dealing with a leaky roof.

Condensation on the Walls: When you have a roof leak, it increases the humidity levels in your home. This can create condensation on your walls.

Damage to the Attic: Since the attic or crawl space is the first room below the roof, it is the first place that will experience damage. If you go into the attic and notice water pooling, rotting wood or smell mold or mildew, there’s a good chance that you have a leak in your roof.

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