Why Tree Maintenance Might Save Your Roof

Trees give us shade on hot summer days. Children climb on their branches. However, trees cause major damage to the roof and the rest of your house. Without proper maintenance, the trees next your house could end up costing you a lot of money.

Without proper maintenance, trees cause costly problems.

Why is tree maintenance important to your roof?

Checking For Signs of Decay: If an entire tree falls through the roof, you could be facing major repair costs. Trees, especially older trees, need to be checked for signs of decay. If you discover a tree is dying, make sure to call a professional to safely remove it.

Cleaning the Roof and Gutters: Leaves, needles, cones, and nuts fall from the trees and collect on the roof and in the gutter system. The gutters and roof need to be cleared more often if the trees are close to your house. Water gathers under fallen leaves on the roof and goes underneath the shingles. If clogged, gutters can keep water from escaping the house and get weighed down with debris.

Getting Rid of Weak Branches: Weak and dying branches could drop onto your home causing breaks or punctures in the gutters and roof. Wind or animals can cause the right pressure to break a weak branch at any time.

Removing Overhanging Limbs: When limbs hang over your roof, it can cause several problems. Animals have better access to your roof ruining shingles and searching for entrances into your attic. As wind blows the limbs, they can scrape against the shingles and wear off the granules.

Make sure to maintain your roof and gutters regularly to prevent damage. If you already have roof damage, call McRoof. We’re experts in roof repair in Frisco, TX. Give us a call at 682-478-2380.